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Just A Girl Who Wanted Her Own Bar, So Let's Start Mobile

Bartending is something that I have enjoyed for many years. Hosting celebrations with my friends, making us all my famous cocktails aka Teesha's Harry Potter Potions. From working at a family pub I was given the opportunity to go for my personal license so I could run the pub giving the landlords a well deserved break. From this moment on my dream of having something of my own involving cocktails began.

Six months later I travelled to Miami and attended bartending school for one month. The most epic experience of my life. Fast forward a few years later I found myself working at The Ivy as a bartender where my confidence built The Ivy helped shape me into the bartender I am today. Another amazing opportunity but it was time for something new.
I began a new job at the Midland Hotel. Two weeks in and COVID 19 came and shut the whole world down. I was left with no job, no income, no furlough.

The Ultimate Mobile Bartending Experience

With blood, sweat and tears plus help from my loved ones. Sophisticated Sip arrived.
Not for one second was I expecting the positive response from friends, family, and social media. Less than a year later I've created a small mobile Bartending business providing services like cocktail-making classes, cocktail delivery, bar and bartender hire, and more.

Even through the hardest times. Every single step you take will get you where you want to be if you believe in yourself. Let Sophisticated Sip help you create some fantastic memories. 

Shake, Sip & Taste The Magic


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